Kajeng Kliwon Day

Kajeng Kliwon Day is a good day for prayers, and many temple anniversaries are celebrated that day.

Photo: Kalender Bali

Balinese people think at this day we have to be cautious because evil spirits can be around. 

Families make special offerings to protect themselves from spirits. Kajeng Kliwon is good for giving offerings to any object that has supernatural powers. 

This day is celebrated every 15 days, which is very unusual for us Europeans. Where did this unusual schedule come from?

The most important holidays of the Balinese calendar Pawukon occur when important days of one type of weeks coincide with important days of another type of weeks. 

Let's remember "Friday the 13th". The same principle works here, but of course without the ominous color of this special Friday.

By the way, our "Friday the 13th" is not perfect. Due to the fact that the number of days in months is different, it is repeated without any regularity. 

With the coinciding days of the Balinese calendar, things are different. The definition of holidays is based on the 3-day, 5-day and 7-day weeks. They fit perfectly into the 210-day calendar, and the days in these weeks go by one, without surprises. 

So if today is such a special day that coincided with the remarkable day of the 3-day week and the 5-day week, then it is easy understand that the next such holiday will happen in 15 days, just multiplying 3 by 5.

The most important of the coinciding days of Pawukon is Kajeng Kliwon. If you suddenly remember the names of the days of the 3-day week and the 5-day week, you'll easily understand that Kajeng, the third day of the 3-day week, and Keliwon, the fifth day of the 5-day week, passes at the same time.

Let us remind you once again what Pawukon's three-day calendar week looks like:

  • Pasah
  • Beteng
  • Kajeng

And a five-day week:

  • Umanis
  • Paing
  • Pon
  • Wage
  • Kliwon

We multiply 3 by 5 and understand that this holiday can be celebrated every 15 days.

It is believed that the dual elements and energies of the universe meet each other in Kajeng Kliwon. The energy of the big world, the universe, is being realized in the small world, in a man.

On this day, according to the ideas of Balinese people, demons bhuta descend to the ground to find people who do not practice the principles of dharma and deal with them. Therefore, on this day, the Balinese must make special offerings Segehan, which are designed to calm the evil spirits.

On this day the Balinese Hindu are purified to gain strength. That is why the day is good for visiting the holy springs and ablution in them. This day is auspicious for pamusapati, a ceremony in which the spirit is invited to visit sacred objects, masks of barong characters, rangds, other masks, amulets, kris (a sacred knife) in order to give them spiritual strength.

There are three types of Kajeng Kliwon day: Kajeng Kliwon Uwudan, Kajeng Kliwon Enyitan and Kajeng Kliwon Pamelastali. Uwudan is designed to neutralize the negative energies, and Enyitan is designed to strengthen the positive energies. Kajeng Kliwon Pamelastali is celebrated only every 6 months and is used by people with serious chronic illnesses to make an offering to get rid of diseases.

Both rituals are based on sincerity and honesty. For some people with non-medical illnesses, it is recommended to practice a spiritual cleansing ritual at Kajeng Kliwon Uwudan.