Bali Security Advices for Tourists and Expats

For many people Bali is a small tropical paradise island in the ocean, with only beaches with azure water, surfing and interesting excursions. In fact, Bali is a very large island (80 x 150 km) with 4 million people living here and another 10 million annually coming as tourists! Tourism means money, so at some point the island began to attract criminals from all over Indonesia. Also, the Balinese themselves sometimes lose their mind and turn to crime.

For this very reason, some precautions should be taken even in Bali.

If you are going to visit the island and behave intelligently, then almost certainly nothing will happen to you. If you are planning to walk, drink irresponsibly, ride a bike without a helmet and license, then you will easily find some “adventures”.

The police in Bali work very weakly and basically it is almost impossible to get real help quickly.

Here is a list of security recommendations we advise you to follow when visiting the island.

Hospitals and insurance

Make sure you have good insurance! We highly recommend getting insurance with the sport option included. In case of falling off a motorbike, surfing injuries, bites, etc. insurance will help you a lot, as medicine in Bali is crazy expensive.


The main possible problems with transport are: falling off a bike, collision with other drivers if you are on a motorbike or in a car. In case of an accident, do not try to play boss. Instead, stay calm and solve the issue quietly. If you have any long-living Bali friends, contact them for the assistance. Be careful with left-hand traffic.

Motorcycle helmet and international license are mandatory!

It is very desirable to have at least a minimum first aid kit and printed insurance in the trunk.

Do not get on the motorbike if you are not sure of your driving skills! It is strongly recommended that you do not drive drunk. If you are coming back from a party, take a taxi. If you haven't driven a bike before, have some practice first with someone who would explain you basic driving rules. Do not ruin your vacation!

Park your vehicle overnight in a safe place.

Never leave valuable items in the trunk of your motorbike or car. “Skilled engineers ” can open it in 2 minutes. For example, the most common Honda Vario bike has a trunk lid that can be pulled apart by hand so that you can stick your hand in and pull out any valuables.

When renting a bike or a car, take a picture of its condition of the phone, along with all the scratches. Sign a rental receipt, specify the liability in case of theft and vehicle insurance.

Always put the bags, phones in the trunk when riding a bike! It is not safe to wear cross body bags or hold iPhones in your hands! Unfortunately, thieves can snatch your bag or iPhone while you are driving.

Try not to ride a bike late at night. This is especially recommended for girls. If you are a girl and you still have to go at night, then put on some closed clothes, and place your purse inside the trunk.

If it's too late, ask a guy you know to accompany you home on a bike (a guy should follow you behind).

Try to avoid dark streets without transport!

Here is an example of a violation of three rules at once: no helmets, the child is not securely fixed and the bag hangs on the shoulder:


Unfortunately, sometimes thieves steal from homes too. To avoid this, read these recommendations:
If you're renting a house or villa, check if the area is guarded. Get to know your neighbours.
When you leave home, put your valuables in the safe box: laptops, passports, and bank cards.
Do not leave valuables out in a plain view. There have been cases where thieves have simply stretched out their hands through an open window grid and picked up a laptop lying next to the window.
To avoid misunderstanding with the landlord when evicting, always sign a lease agreement that includes the property in the house.
Also, be more careful about home care assistants in your place (if you have any). Ask for recommendations before hiring someone.
Be careful with snakes, scorpions and centipedes, as they regularly crawl into houses.
Before you move in, check the water supply to the house: maybe from the PDAM water supply system or your pump from the well. If it is from the well, make sure it is clean (take it for analysis or make sure you have filtration equipment). This is especially important if you live with small children.


Like many other tourist destinations in Bali, there are crooks:
Read about bank card security and follow these tips.
Be careful when choosing a currency exchanger. Do not change money in small shops with unusually high exchange rates. Read about frauds in exchangers.

Ocean, surfing

A lot of people travel to Bali because of the ocean. The ocean is beautiful but also dangerous. Drowning are not uncommon for those who do not respect the ocean.
Be sure to read about ocean safety rules and currents.
If you want to learn how to surf, do not think that you are the most agile and capable, and so learn for yourself. Take a lesson in a proper surf school. A decent part of the training there is taken up by the safety precautions.
If you go swimming, do not leave your iPhone in your shorts pocket without supervision on the beach. Leave them in the warung.


If you (the girl) go out for a walk late at night in party areas like Kuta, Seminyak, and if you take your purse with you, at least carry it in your hand. And don't put everything in it, like phone, money, bank cards, passport, etc. Sometimes thieves on motorbikes pull it out of the hands.
Girls should also remember that dressing too openly you provoke increased attention and maybe even aggression in their direction. Do not think that since you are at the resort, you can walk half-naked whenever and wherever you want.
Do not forget - possession and distribution of drugs in Indonesia are punishable up to the death penalty!
Do not forget that Bali has a completely different religion, culture and mentality among the locals. Respect them and do not try to impose your life principles to them.

The majority of reasonable people already follow many of these recommendations, but it would not be superfluous to re-read them once again.
Have a safe vacation!

In case of problems you can contact either the ordinary police or the tourist police. Tourist police is more on the side of tourists. At least they will tell you exactly what to do next.

Bali Tourism Police website: http://www.touristpolicebali.i... Located in Kuta.