Obtaining and extending a social visa to Indonesia

*  This information is relevant for 2019

# Citizens of which countries can apply for a social visa to Indonesia?

* It may be difficult for citizens of any country to obtain a visa when traveling with an Israeli passport.

# Who is the best person for a social visa?

* For tourists who plan to stay in Indonesia from 2 to 6 months, and will not conduct business or work. The purpose of the visit may be tourism, a visit to friends or family, noncommercial participation in trainings, seminars and exhibitions, training and cultural exchange.

* The Bali social visa (with index B-211) is beneficial because it allows you to stay in Indonesia for up to six months without having to travel. *This is generally cheaper than three times with a visa on arrival (VOA).

# What are the other close equivalents of a social visa?

*There is also another type of visa that is very similar to a social visa. *This is a tourist visa with the code 211.* The only difference from a social visa is that *it does not require a sponsor*.

The problem with this 211 tourist visa is that, firstly, it is not issued in all embassies, and secondly, when you apply for it, the name of the hotel you book in Bali will appear on your visa, and it will be more difficult to extend the visa in Bali because you will have to change your sponsor from the hotel to an individual.

*Don't confuse * [Tourist Visa 211], which is also issued to tourists, but is not called a tourist visa. A tourist visa can be extended as a social visa and stay for a total of 180 days. Visa-on-arrival is issued for 30 days, extended for 30 days and after 60 days it is necessary to depart.

# How long is the social visa valid for Indonesia?

* A social visa is usually issued for 60 days, but the final decision rests with the embassy. They can also be issued for 30 days. You will be given a *90-day corridor* when you issue your visa. During this period you need to enter Indonesia otherwise your visa will be cancelled.

When the basic validity period of the visa for which it was issued expires, the *visa can be extended 4 times*. Each time the visa can be extended for an additional 30 days. That is, the total *maximum stay in Indonesia with a social visa* can be 180 days. *After these 180 days, you will have to leave Indonesia, otherwise you will have to pay Rp. 1,000,000 per day for your visa(s).

* The visa is counted from the day you arrive in Indonesia. If you have been given a visa for 60 days, count 60 days from the day of arrival. The 60th day will be the day you need to leave Indonesia before midnight if your visa is not extended. Otherwise pay a penalty for exceeding your stay (overstay) of Rp. 1,000,000 for each day starting on the 61st day.

*To calculate the total number of days your visa is valid, it does not matter when you applied for a visa extension* or when you received your passport. *The countdown is done at clear intervals independent of the date of submission of the documents, payment or receipt of the passport, and the next period of validity of your visa starts when the previous period expires. The 60th validity period of your visa has passed, followed by the next 30 days for the extension. And so on.

After the expiration of the social visa *you leave Indonesia and can either make a new social visa at the Indonesian embassy abroad*, or enter Indonesia without a visa (for 30 days), or on arrival (30+30 days), or with some other visa.

*If you decide to leave Indonesia before the end of your social visa*, you can do so without problems and without any consequences. You do not need to take any additional documents to leave before the deadline. The main thing is that at the time of departure your passport should be in your possession and not on extension at the immigration office.

# Can I enter Indonesia several times with a social visa?

*A social visa is a single-entry visa. That is, if you leave Indonesia abroad for any country, it will be cancelled.

# Is there a limit on the number of social visas to Indonesia?

*There is usually no limit on the number of social visas received in a row, except at consulates in Bangkok and Manila. For more information, see the article on obtaining a social visa in Bangkok.

# Where can I get a social visa to Indonesia?

Indonesian social visa can be obtained at the Indonesian embassy abroad. It is not possible to get it inside Indonesia. But *in some embassies, only citizens of these countries can get a social visa*. This applies to India, China and Hong Kong.

*Visas can also be made in Asian countries such as* Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi), Cambodia (Phnom Penh), East Timor (Dili), Malaysia (Kuching). Each of these locations has its advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed below.

# How much does a social visa to Indonesia cost?

*The usual cost of a sponsorship letter* (letter of guarantee) to apply through an agent is Rp. 250,000 to Rp. 350,000. The normal cost of a visa fee at the consulate is about $50. There are options for expediting the receipt of a social visa in Kuala Lumpur, which is a service paid separately for express registration and the cost varies from agent to agent.

# What kind of documents do I need to collect for a social visa?

*The documents required to apply for a social visa vary slightly from consulate to consulate. Usually required:

- *Filled application form*, which is issued to you at the embassy; there are no complicated items in it. Filled in with a black pen.

- 2 Photos* 3.5cm x 4.5cm on a red or white background (different embassies in different ways)

- *Passport photocopy* (home page and entry stamped page where you get your visa)

- Your passport* (valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia)

- " Letter from the sponsor " Letter from the sponsor indicating the name of the embassy where you will be applying and the month of application

- *Copy of the sponsor's identity document (KTP)

- " Inbound ticket to the country to apply for a visa

- " Outbound ticket to Indonesia

- " Visa fee

- *Ticket that you will use to leave Indonesia* at the end of your visa (not always asked for and an unpaid reservation can pass)

- *Bank statement of sufficient funds* (not always asked); statement can be made via your bank's online banking system ***

*To get a social visa, you need a letter from an Indonesian citizen who invites you to visit him/her. He or she will become your visa sponsor and will be fully responsible for you during your stay in Indonesia. To stay on a social visa in Bali, you need a *sponsor who is registered with his KTP document in Bali*. This can be a Bali registered Bali resident, or a Bali registered Indonesian (registered on KTP), or it can be an official company.

If you are a family or couple applying for a visa, *you may have one sponsor, but the letter of sponsorship must be separate for each passport.* Even if your child has a separate passport, a separate letter of sponsorship is made for it.

*The letter of sponsorship must be glued to the stamp and signed by your sponsor half on the stamp and half outside on a piece of paper. * You can buy the "materai" in stationery stores, mini-markets. Just ask at the box office for "materai". It has a nominal value of Rp. 6,000 a piece, but it can cost Rp. 7,000 in a store. Sometimes it is sold at the Consular Section of the Indonesian Embassy abroad. There is one in Singapore.

*There are two options. The first is to take an independent sponsor. *For example, the owner of the house you rent or a good friend in Bali. In doing so, you should pay attention to the following questions:

1) *Tell the sponsor that he or she will have to go with you for renewals* 4 times for one day

2) *He must have a Balinese registration* under the KTP document

*If you can't find a resident who can sponsor you on your own*, contact the visa agency(http://baliforum.ru/index.php/topic,979.0.html). It will find you a visa sponsor.

*This is more convenient* because *an agency deals with renewals professionally* [the agency] (http://baliforum.ru/index.php/topic,979.0.html) and will not deny you a trip to apply for an extension because "they have no time". But on the other hand, *agencies charge money for their services,* while an independent sponsor can travel with you for renewals free of charge if he or she sincerely wants to help you.

*The price of a sponsorship letter from Rp. 250,000 to Rp. 350,000 * [agency](http://baliforum.ru/index.php/topic,979.0.html) Your personal private sponsor may agree to make this letter available to you free of charge if he wants to.

*If, for example, you are going to get a visa in Moscow, you can send a sponsorship letter and a KTP scan by e-mail.

*Samples of the sponsorship letter *: , , , , , [4 (Word)](http://baliforum.ru/index.php/topic,960.msg15836.html#msg15836) , [pdf](http://baliforum.ru/uploads/sponsor-letter.pdf) .

# How long does social visa to Indonesia take to obtain?

*The time required to obtain a visa depends on the rules of each consulate. Usually a visa is issued in 1-4 working days. You come to the embassy, provide documents, maybe answer some questions about yourself and your plans in Indonesia, pay the fee and then come back on the appointed day to pick up your passport and visa.

*After your visa has been issued, you will enter Indonesia for 1-2 months* depending on the length of time you have been issued a visa and you can renew it afterwards. *If you do not use this visa, it will be cancelled.

# What do I need to remember when getting a social visa to Indonesia?

1) It is advisable to think in advance what you will answer the questions at the consulate "What do you plan to do so long in Indonesia?", "How long have you known your sponsor?", "What is his name? "How did you find your sponsor? The questions are not complicated, but it is better to prepare.

2) It is advisable not to let a consular officer know that you are going to work in Indonesia. Even if you are working at a remote location and receive a salary from Russia.

3) Occasionally, there are cases when you do not get a social visa. This is more likely if you already have your entire passport stamped with Indonesian visas and have failed to convince the consular staff that you are not working in Indonesia and only vacationing.

4) It is necessary to *learn in advance about Indonesian holidays and holidays of the country you are going to* in order not to get to the consulate on a day off.

5) When you get a visa *must check your visa at the embassy*. See if all the information in the visa is correct and if the validity period is correct.

# What does a social visa to Indonesia look like?

*The social visa is activated upon entry. *The tourist visa looks the same, but the space is empty in the "Annotation" field, i.e. the sponsor is not entered, or the name of the hotel is entered.

# How does extension of the social visa to Indonesia work?

*It is possible to extend the visa 4 times, each time for 30 days*, without leaving Indonesia. *The total maximum time you can spend on this visa in Indonesia is 6 months (2 + 4 months).

*Apply for an extension of your social visa NO LATER than 14 calendar days before your visa expires. If you miss this date, you will need to use an express extension agent service and it will cost you more than a normal extension.

*The procedure depends on whether you will use the services when renewing your visa or if you have an independent personal sponsor* / agency and you will renew yourself.

* Generally, they offer extension packages where everything is included. 

Before your visa expires, you must submit your passport to the visa agency. The agency collects the necessary documents, submits them to the immigration office, and then asks you to come for biometrics (photo, fingerprints and signature) once during the first extension only.

*You can then either ask for a passport by courier or pick it up at the office, or simply leave it with an agent until the next extension to avoid distractions.

*If you extend your visa yourself with your independent personal sponsor, you will need to come 3 times* for each extension.

1) *In order to apply for an extension, you will need to come with your sponsor for the extension. If you extend your visa for the whole family, you should come with all family members. *Come to apply WELL BEFORE 14 calendar days before the end of your social visa.

2) *To pass the biometrics. *You need to come back with your whole family.

3) *To collect your passport back. *You can come and collect all your family's passports by yourself.

*Extend the visa with the same sponsor who vouched for you when issuing the visa. But if, for some reason, you would like to *replace the sponsor for a renewal*, you can do so, but you will probably have to pay an additional renewal fee.

# How much does an extension of a social visa cost?

The cost of an extension will depend on whether you are renewing your visa or with an independent personal sponsor.

Typically, * offer a turnkey extension service,* when agency takes all the hassle.

This service costs approximately Rp. 800,000 - 1,050,000 per month and includes agency services. A visa fee of Rp. 500,000, which is paid officially to the immigration service.

*If you have an extension from an independent personal sponsor, they may charge you for being your guarantor and traveling with you for renewals, or they may do so for free. These sponsors often charge between 100,000 and 150,000. And in addition, you will have to pay Rp. 500,000 of the official visa fee to the immigration service.

*To extend your social visa on your own, you will need to submit the following documents to the immigration office:

1) *Photocopy of the first home page of the passport and stamped page* on the last entry to Indonesia

2) Your passport

3) Filled out form available at the reception desk at the immigration office (fill in only with black pen)

4) Application from your sponsor for an extension of your visa (a sample can be obtained from the immigration office at the reception desk). You will need to glue stamp on your application and ask your sponsor to sign it.

5) Photocopy of the KTP sponsor ID card

* The Visa Renewal Agency will prepare all these documents itself and submit them. You will not have to worry about this.

# What do I need to keep in mind when extending my social visa on my own?

1) *Access hours: 8.00 - 12.00. It is better to arrive early, right at 8:00 am, when there are still few people. For a day 100 tickets are allocated. There should be one ticket for each passport. Even a child should have a separate ticket. So if you arrive late, you may simply not have enough tickets to receive your documents.

2) *First visit: *Filing of documents and payment (you need to come with a sponsor) - arrive between 8.00 - 9.00 am

*Second visit: * Photographing, handing in prints and signatures - come according to the time indicated on the receipt

*Third visit: *Passport receipt - come between 14.00 - 15.00

3) *Children should also come to the office in person together with their parents* to submit documents and take pictures (visits 1 and 2). One parents can pay for and collect passports.

4) *The extension procedure itself can take 7-20 days*, so: be careful with the dates! Do not be late for visa extension.

5) *If you don't have time to come to pass your biometrics on a particular day or to pick up your passport*, you can come back in a couple of days, maybe do it later, but not much. Don't take too long.

6) *If you are admitted to a hospital or have a serious illness, and you are unable to apply for or leave the country* after your visa expires, and if you provide official certificates from the hospital, immigration officers will sometimes give you a break and will not fine you for delay.* This must be a really good reason, and you need to come to the immigration office to discuss the process and what certificates will be sufficient and how to provide them.

# Can I enter Indonesia multiple times with a social visa?

The social visa is a single-entry visa. That is, if you leave Indonesia abroad for any country, it will be cancelled.

*If you suddenly need your passport for some reason* and it is in the immigration office, you can pick it up temporarily for a short period of time.  The [Visa Agency] (http://baliforum.ru/index.php/topic,979.0.html) will make a special request to the Immigration Service and will temporarily take your passport for you. When you resolve a problem for which you need your passport, you will need to return it to complete the renewal process.

# Getting a social visa to Indonesia in different countries:

# Getting a social visa in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

It is possible to use express services of [Bali agencies] (http://baliforum.ru/index.php/topic,979.0.html) and get visa on express system in 1 day. If you apply on your own, you will need to get a visa to Malaysia for a longer period of time. This is *one of the most popular destinations for obtaining a visa* to Indonesia.

# Getting a social visa in Singapore

With Singapore, there's a problem getting into the country. To come to Singapore from Bali and fly back, you will need a separate visa to Singapore. The visa is very difficult to get for an unmarried woman under 45 years old who is traveling alone or with a partner.

*There is a 96-hour transit visa and technically it can be issued free of charge at the airport. 

# Receiving a social visa in Bangkok (Thailand)

Since the end of February 2014, the rules have changed and only 2 Indonesian visas in a row can be obtained per year, regardless of the type of visa.

If you are flying from Russia to Bali with a stopover in Bangkok and you have not been to Indonesia before, or have not been for a very long time, you will most likely have no problems with obtaining a visa. Visas are issued for two working days.

# Getting a social visa in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

The list of documents is standard. *Visas are easy to issue for 60 days. At this time you can see the city, its colonial architecture, zoo, visit the view bars on the roofs. * Problems in ticket prices and the fact that the flights may require a transfer.

# Getting a social visa in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

*Visas are easy enough to get, but long enough (5 working days). There are practically no visitors at the embassy. Again, the problem is that the flight to Phnom Penh is a transfer flight.

# Getting a social visa in Manila (Philippines)

You can get a visa. The consulate has a hard dress code. But recently there have been complications in connection with the fact that the consulate may require 3 month gap between issuing Indonesian visas

# Getting a social or tourist visa 211 in Yangon (Myanmar)

Tourist visa for 2 months is issued without problems on the third working day. Documents necessary to provide: a ticket to Bali, a ticket from Bali to your next destination, a bank statement, photos 4cm × 5cm, hotel reservation.

# Getting a social visa to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

In 2013-2015, this was a popular destination for obtaining a social visa, and there was a direct flight with Air Asia. But now this direction is not used.

# Getting a social visa in Penang (Malaysia)

There have been a lot of visa rejections lately.

# Getting a social visa in Delhi (India)

*They don't give a visa to nonresidents. Including in other Indian cities.

# Getting a social visa in Colombo (Sri Lanka)

See also official websites:  [http://www.kemlu.go.id/colombo/Pages/default.aspx](http://www.kemlu.go.id/colombo/Pages/default.aspx) and [http://colombo.indonesianvisa.org/](http://colombo.indonesia

# Getting a social visa in Hong Kong

Indonesian social visa in Hong Kong is not given to nonresidents of Hong Kong. (http://www.kjrihkimigrasi.org/web/html/imigrasi/visa/visatype/visit.htm) consulate of Indonesia.

# Getting a social visa in China

 Social visa in China is not given to nonresident people or Non-citizens in China.

# Getting a social visa in Moscow

In Moscow, to apply for a social visa, you need to provide the so called telex.* It can be ordered from visa agents who work in Bali. It is worth some money and its receipt requires some time.