Tips for renting accommodation

There are some tips for renting houses and villas in Bali that can help you choose a comfortable accommodation in every way. This article is more relevant for long-term rentals.

1). First of all, do not throw yourself at the first option you get. There are a lot of houses in Bali and you can almost always find your dream home, so go and look at more houses. ;)

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2). Let’s say you have a budget of $800 a month for your accommodation - do not tell the landlord immediately about it. In Asia, you always have to negotiate the price! Negotiate a smile, calmly, play a little bit! Tell that you saw a house nearby that is much cheaper. Do not be afraid to go away and say what you want to think first, even if you like the house. Often after a day or two, the landlords are much more agreeable and ready to give in on the price. A very serious argument in trade is to pay for a year at once.

3). If you have a local friend, you can take him with you to negotiate. This will eliminate misunderstandings between you and the landlord.

4). If possible, do not pay up front. Try to agree to stay in the house for a few days (or better a month) and then pay. During these days you will know if there are roosters shouting in the morning near your house or some other hidden things ;) A lot of details will open up in a new house. Also, you can check if all home appliances work properly.

Also pay attention to the atmosphere of the place.

5). Take a close look at the area to see if there are any construction projects near the house. Construction is a source of heavy noise, dirt and danger from workers. The construction site may not work on holidays, after sunset or early in the morning. Inspect the area near the house several times at different times of the day. The same goes for the close proximity to the Balinese temple. Religious ceremonies in temples here are frequent and usually accompanied by loud music.

6). If possible, get to know your neighbours and ask them about the pros and cons of this village area. Think about the noisy ones. Ask about nearby kindergartens.

7). Look where the sunny side of the house is. For example, if the house has a nice veranda, but it is almost all day on the sunny side, it will not be comfortable to sit there.

8). According to the security tips in Bali, see if there is security in the village, if there is a safe in the house, if the door and locks are normal.

Specify things like:

9). Check if the water in the house runs well. There are serious problems with water pressure in some areas on Bukit. Again, check at different times of the day.

-Check also the water in the toilet is not leaking, or just running. Otherwise, it's gonna cost you a lot of water.

-Check the Internet in the house, what are the characteristics. Test 3G or Smartfren in the area. It will not be pleasant to be without internet in an already paid house.

10). If you need any improvements in the house (clean and recharge the freon in the AC (important!), install mosquito nets on the windows, something to paint, some kitchen items, furniture, etc.), then ask the owner to do it before signing the contract and transferring money. Usually after payment, the landlord sharply lose interest in you and persuade him to repair becomes much more difficult, and sometimes simply impossible.

In general, it is important to try to assess the owner of the house in terms of adequacy. If you rent a house for a year, the inadequate owner will spoil your life for a year.

11). Arrange who will pay for water and electricity. Often, you can agree that this will all be included in the price of the house. It's also like an element for negotiating. If you pay, then let them bring you official bills, not just write numbers on paper.

12). Of course, you have to sign a rental agreement. Read it carefully, make sure all is clear and that and you're happy with it. Feel free to discuss and correct anything in the contract. Also, take a receipt for the transfer of the money.

Good luck in finding your dream house!