Internet in Bali

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Stationary internet providers

  • 1. Telkom Indihome] 
  • 2. CBN - Cyberindo 2. CBN - Cyberindo]
  • 3. Biznet]
  • 4. Global Extreme
  • 5. AceNet (AceNet)
  • 6. HiNet
  • 7. Blueline
  • 8. Neuviz
  • 9. Gecko
  • 10. Gmedia
  • 11. CyberAkses
  • 12. Channel-11
  • Mobile Internet providers
  • 1. Telkomsel
  • 2. Smartfren
  • 3. XL Axiata
  • 4. Indosat Ooredoo
  • 5. 3 Tri

For many visitors to Bali, the issue of home internet is very relevant for both entertainment and remote work.

Excellent if you came to your rented villa, the Internet in it is installed and the owner or manager himself controls the service. Well, if there is no internet, then you will have to decide the question with the choice of provider.

Stationary or mobile internet provider?

The main question is: Should I choose a provider that offers access via cable or wireless or mobile?

- If you've decided to settle down for a long period of time, say six months, and you need a very fast internet connection to download large files, it would be wise to consider a stationary internet connection. Most recommended internet providers are Indihome, CBN, Biznet, Global Extreme. You have to pay for the installation, you will be provided with the necessary equipment for the Internet.

- If you are here for a couple of months, you are not going to download anything big and maybe you will move a lot, then it’s better to choose on of the mobile Internet providers. Here we can recommend Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Smartfren. You buy a sim card, get an Internet package and your phone can share the Internet to your laptop. You can also buy a mobile modem, insert a sim and share the Internet from the modem.

/*Bali districts are connected very unevenly. Areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu have quite good cable network. It's harder to install cable internet on Bukit or Ubud, for example./

It's also more difficult with mobile operators. Somewhere better coverage in some, somewhere in others. If you only enter the house, walk in the neighbourhood and ask 3-4 people, which Internet is more actively used in this area, whether there is cable Internet or only mobile. Based on this, you can outline a list of potential ISPs.

- If the area is developed, it is likely to have a stationary fiber optic cable connection. You may still get international TV channels.

- If the area is remote, maybe your ISP will only offer you a wireless radio connection. It's slower and more expensive. If you do not have a special Internet addiction, maybe you will need to think about giving away the Internet from your phone or mobile modem.

What do you take into account when setting up a home landline internet connection? 

1. Contract. 

If you are going to stop using the internet (for example, moving to another house or changing your ISP), ask your office to suspend your contract. Otherwise, it will still be charged and your account will be in a strong minus. Even if there is no money on it for a long time. The owner of the house for which the contract is connected may try to claim the money from you. So, to avoid unpleasant situations, stop your contact.

2. Feedback from the neighbors.
Talk to your neighbors on the street who already have fixed internet, ask what problems they are experiencing, what is the speed of the internet and accordingly what ISP they would recommend.

3. Test from an ISP. *
Some wireless operators can come and measure the quality of reception at your home for free. Remember to ask about it.

Okay, let's start with the monsters. Companies that provide fixed internet over cable and offer all kinds of extra fun. With the most popular, convenient and economical.

1. Telkom Indihome _

[Site]( on Bahasa, but it's clear enough.

Connected via fiber optic and additionally Telcom clients are given cheap access to the network For more information [] . [Coverage map](

As of December 2018, Bali has [12 offices] (


Indihome Deluxe Premium
The cheapest package is 10 Mbps and 460.000 rupees per month.
The most expensive package is 100 Mbps and 1,750,000 rupees per month.
Details: + TV channels (local and foreign - 135 pieces), 1000 minutes of local telephone service

Paket Gamer
The cheapest package is 10 Mbps and 380.000 rupees per month.
The most expensive package is 100 Mbps and 1,080,000 rupees per month.
Details: + basic package of TV channels (90 channels), 100 minutes of local telephone communication

Netizen 1
The cheapest package is 10 Mbps and 285.000 rupees per month.
The most expensive package is 40 Mbps and 645.000 rupees per month.
Extra: 100 minutes of local telephone service

Netizen 2
The cheapest package is 10 Mbps and 315.000 rupees per month.
The most expensive package is 40 Mbps and 675.000 rupees per month.
Additional information: basic list of TV channels, 100 minutes of local telephone communication

Internet and home phone
The cheapest package is 10 Mbps and 250.000 rupees per month.
The most expensive package is 40 Mbps and 610.000 rupees per month.

*" Contacts
By phone 147, via Live Chat on the site, through [Facebook] ( , [Twitter] ( .

*Internet payment methods:*
Through ATMs, bank transfers, cash in the office, mobile banking, Indomaret shops.

*" Feedback...
In Changu, there are complaints that the speed is low and the internet is often falling. That is, with the expected speed of 50 megabits package can receive, for example, 10. They complain about bad customer support from Indohome. In this case, there are people in Changgu, who clearly recommend Indyhome as the best provider. And they report that it was their problem was solved in less than 24 hours by specialists, who promptly arrived at the house and fixed everything.

[Discussing Indyhome ISP] (,110123.0.html) .

# _2. CBN - Cyberindo _

[Site] ( in English, very conveniently organized, a lot of information.

Both via fiber optic and wireless connection.


CBN Fiber - fiber optic connection
The cheapest package is 15 Mbps and 299.000 rupees per month.
The most expensive package is 1000 Mbps and 3.999.000 rupees per month.
Details: Symmetrical upload&download channel, + 5GB CBN mail, + TV channels (but very few)

DirectNet Play - wireless connection
The cheapest package is 1-2 Mbps and 399.000 rupees per month.
The most expensive package is 10-5Mbps and 1,999,000 rupees per month.
Details: + 5GB CBN Mail

[Office in Kuta] []

*" Internet payment methods
Through ATMs, bank transfers, cash in the office, mobile banking, Indomaret shops, Tokopedia, CBN mobile application.

By phone +62 361 769425, 24 hours a day, 1500 780, via [Facebook] ( , [Twitter] ( .

Reviews are good, the connection is stable. In general, users highly recommend CBN especially in Changgu, although there are those who write that are experiencing great problems with the Internet for 2 weeks and these problems are not solved. This ISP does not have any problems with Netflix viewing.
He works at Bukita in Ungasan. Produces more or less stable 10Mb. There are interruptions, but rarely, for more than an hour.

[CBN ISP Discussion](,117714.0.html)

# _3. Biznet _

[Website] ( in English and Indonesian. Convenient site, there are prices.

Fiber optic.

*" Tariffs

Internet only
The cheapest package is 50 Mbps and 300.000 rupees per month.
The most expensive package is 100 Mbps and 600.000 rupees per month.
Details: WiFi modem, dynamic private or public IP, free access to BizNet WiFi and Biznet Video