Best spots for watching sunrise

Watching sunset in Bali is one of the most common and enjoyable activities. The passion to admire the sun setting behind the horizon, coloring clouds in the most incredible combination - everything is within reach for those who have just arrived in Bali and those who have lived here for many years.

And if sunset is a simple event, then dawn is an adventure. It's not enough to wake up early in the morning, which can be very difficult for " night owls". It is worth exploring information about the picturesque dawn points in advance.

We offer you the top 10 places in Bali to watch the sunrise. At the end there is one more secret one :) 

Sanur Beach

The beach of Sanur is one of the most popular sunrise spots. To find the best spot, you need to arrive there around 5.45 am. Sanur is on the east coast of Bali, so you can see the sun rising from behind the horizon. Everywhere you can find romantic fishing boats, jungles, and gazebos that add even more flavor to your sunrise photos.

The beach is very long. If you want to find the perfect spot for your photos, come there during the day and take a look around.

photo credit Eggy Sayoga

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Batur Volcano

For adventurers and those who wouldn't mind testing their endurance. At the top of the volcano you will see Agung and Abang, painted with the warm rays of the sunrise and Lake Batur. When the sky clears, the horizon is lit up with orange light. The slopes of Batur are painted with sunrise colours.

You can bypass the caldera and open your heart to freedom and peace, which is especially felt at the tops of this world.

Keep in mind that there are quite a few tourists climbing Batur by dawn, so if you want to take pictures of dawn without them, take care of finding the right place.

photo credit  Artem Zubkov

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Pinggan Village, Songan (Pinggan, Songan Village, Desa Pinggan, Songan)

Coniferous trees, the peaceful shimmering of the lights of the village waking up by the cold waters of Lake Batur, the majestic volcano - all this will create a unique experience. It is more convenient to reach Pinggan by driving clockwise through Batur's external caldera. If you go up to the Pinggan from below the caldera, the road is very steep and dangerous.

photo credit Eggy Sayoga 

 photo credit Eggy Sayoga

Tegallalang rice terraces

The famous Tegalalang rice terraces are just 20 minutes from Ubud. It is a popular tourist destination. But if you arrive at dawn, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of this place. Restaurants are still closed and tourists are peacefully sleeping in their hotels. At dawn, the terraces look brighter and more lush than ever. And as soon as the sun appears from behind a mountain range, a mist begins to rise above the fields, which will add more mystery to the pictures.

photo credit  Martin Zurek 

photo credit Tim Jordan

Campuhan (Campuan) Ridge Walk

The Campuan Ridge is located in Ubud. You will have to walk about 15-20 minutes along the "Artists' Trail" before reaching that ideal dawn spot. Campuan is a popular walking route at any bright time of day. You can walk for about two kilometres along a path surrounded by abysses covered in lush, delicate grass. The trail begins at the lovely Campuan Temple of Pura Gunung Lebah.

photo credit  Absolute Scuba

Beratan lake

Located in the Tabanan Regency, Lake Beratan is one of the most beautiful places to see the sunrise thanks to the water temple of Pura Ulun Danu Beratan. The sun rises from the mountains surrounding the lake. The water is calm and reflects the legendary temple, captured in hundreds of thousands of photographs.

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Lovina beach

For those who want to combine magnificent dawn with dolphin admiration, the beach of Lovina, located near the old northern capital of Bali, the city of Singaraja, is the right place. Come to the beach at 6 a.m. There you can find fishermen's boats that take tourists for a walk.

photo credit Nick Corten

Serangan beach

The beach of Serangan is located on the island of Serangan, which was previously cut off from Bali by the strait until the bridge connected them. It is easily accessible by bike or car. As well as being an amazing place to meet the sunrise, Serangan beach is also a popular surf spot in the rainy season.

photo credit Eggy Sayoga

Keramas beach

Keramas' location on the east side of Bali makes it one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunrise. The beach's black volcanic sand mysteriously shines in the sun and delights guests who previously associated Bali with Bounty advertising pictures. Bathing because is impossible because of the big waves. Keramas beach is well known and popular among surfers.

photo credit Lee McClean

Atuh beach

The beach is located on the island of Nusa Penida. For Penida it is worth spending 2-3 separate days, as the untouched nature of this island will not leave you untouched.

The beach of Atukh is difficult to access and is surrounded by high rocks. But it is stunningly beautiful with white sand, palm trees and turquoise water. All this splendor can be seen from cliffs 150 meters high. Or you can overcome your doubts and go down the steps to this secluded and uniquely beautiful place. Store up drinking water and strength in advance.

photo credit Eggy Sayoga

extra secret bonus

The best place to meet the sunrise is to hug your loved one or surround your loved ones, children, parents and of course good friends. Share the beautiful moments of your life with your loved ones, and these moments will be a hundred times brighter.