Candidasa is located in the east of Bali.

The road from the airport will take 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the traffic. The price of a taxi is Rp 300 - 500.000

Candidisa differs from the whole west coast by its lush vegetation, more humid climate, banana and palm jungle are replaced by beautiful rice terraces. And the hilly, mountainous terrain and serpentine roads will not leave travelers indifferent to the breathtaking scenery. The climate is determined by the proximity to the volcano, it rains more often, but there are no storms or heavy downpours.

The population of the district is peasants, simple and kind people are always friendly, few people speak English. But the staff in the hotels bars and the whole tourist sphere is perfectly trained, while the village spontaneity and family and soulful approach to the guests remain.

No crime Absolutely no crime. It is a land of silence and tranquility. There are few tourists, but the infrastructure is very developed, many restaurants and hotels to suit every taste and wallet, several art bars. The owners of which personally conduct shows, concerts. There is no club life. There are no problems with ATMs. There's little traffic on the roads.

The village of Candidasa itself is one street that stretches between a mountain range and a beach. There are hotel bars and restaurants along the street. Prices are not high.

A good French restaurant Vincent's (prices are average and high). There are also no less pleasant French establishments, Ganesha Louge and Hangry Crocodile. There is also live music in crocodile.

The region is famous for the beauty of the ocean of small islands, you can swim on sailing trimarans of local fishermen, snorkeling, underwater hunting. The beaches in Candidasa are narrow, with black sand. During the tide, the beaches in Candidasa are practically disappearing.

There are several diving centers and many dive sites in Candidasa. At 20 minutes by car or bike from Candidasa is probably the best beach of the island, with turquoise water - White Sand Beach. Most of the year there is calm water, snow-white sand, cozy cafes on the beach.

It's a good place to relax with children. This small village is very different from the tourist centers (Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur), there are no migrant workers from other islands, the community structure of the district villages is preserved and the visitors do not take root.

The inconvenience of vacationing in Candidasa is the need to have private transport, as you will get bored on foot in Candidasa in a few days. There are practically no taxis, only private carriers who offer their services all day long.

This resort is a favourite destination for divers and Australian pensioners. Great place for biking and motorbike riding (very picturesque, little transport, good roads).

There are two surf spots (Baby spot for beginners and Jasri spot for pros, but good waves rarely come).

Candidasa is also reachable by Perama bus. Buses come from Kuta, Ubud, Sanur, Padang Bay, Lovina. They are better booked in advance.

Map of Candidasa district: