Balangan Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali

a view from the northern cliff, photo credit: leramulina


The picturesque beach is about 700 meters long and surrounded by beautiful cliffs with great views. Balangan beach is a popular surf spot. The place is ideal for taking photos, especially in the morning when the beach is empty, around 9-10 am. This beach is also one of the most famous sunset spots.

photo credit: leramulina


Swimming in Balangan is very difficult because of the reef, which goes to the shore. These waves are great for surfing, not swimming, but if you like dealing with waves then perhaps you will have a good time.

Swimming is recommended in the northern part of the beach right by the cliff, or in the south. Keep in mind that there are no lifeguards in Balangan. Do not swim if you are unsure of yourself or there are bad weather conditions. Do not go to Balangan explicitly for swimming. There is a very little chance that the water will be comfortable for swimming: a suitable depth and no waves.

What visitors say about swimming in Balangan beach:

"It is very dangerous to swim near the rocks, I was severely hit by the waves the first time I swam there. It seemed fine from the beach though.”

“You can swim on the right side, otherwise there is reef everywhere. There is also the stairs by the cliff, if you go along it, you can get into the cave with bats, and to the temple in the cave (rounding the cliff on the other side)”.

“This beach is absolutely non-swimming. Even if you are not afraid of the waves, you can only wade in at the shore. There is a small spot of sand in the middle of the beach. In other places there is a sharp reef, where it is very easy to scratch yourself, even if you are in shoes. If you try to walk on the reef, be careful, one missed step and you can injure yourself”.

photo credit: lenordiste


Medium beige, large. When walking legs get stuck in the sand.

Weather and Tides

At low tide the water recedes fairly far, so at one point it becomes completely impossible to swim. But on the other hand, the exposed bottom is covered with green moss and holes, hollowed out with water. It is a great place to take interesting photos on such a spectacular martian background.

photo credit: leramulina


During the rainy season, a lot of garbage is brought to the beach, which is very rarely cleaned.


It is very easy to access the beach. There is a parking lot in the south and in the northern part of the beach. You can park on top of the cliff, so no need to go down with a motorbike. Walking down to the beach is totally easy. It takes 1-3 minutes.


This beach is popular with wedding photographers. Indeed, this place is perfect for watching the sunset.

photo credit: leramulina


Entrance is free. Parking attendants may charge a parking fee of Rp 3,000.


There are sun beds and about ten cafes and restaurants at the beach. If you are planning to stay overnight, check one of those simple guesthouses with a minimum level of comfort. You can rent surf boards right at the beach.

Near the beach, on the mountain there are many different housing options.

photo credit: spintheday


At the lowest tide (0-0.3m), you can walk straight along the reef to Dreamland beach. Do not forget to wear sneakers! It is not going to be a very comfortable walk, rather an extreme adventure. Along the way there is a pit which is quite difficult to overcome. Do not take risks if you don’t feel confident.

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