Dreamland Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali

photo credit: leramulina


Dreamland beach is very picturesque. Arrive at Dreamland in the morning (7-8 pm) when it is completely empty and the sun has not started to burn yet.


Swimming here is difficult and absolutely not recommended. There is a strong beach break, and dangerous stones under the water. “Non-swimming beach, one of the most powerful waves that I have seen! The power is fascinating! It is definitely worth the visit at least once!"

photo credit: leramulina

If you are not afraid of the waves, go to the north of the entrance and find a big stone in the water. There you can wait for the wave set to pass and swim 10 meters from the coast to drift on the waves before they break on the shore.

The water has an amazing azure color!

photo credit: leramulina

photo credit: leramulina


Light beige, fine and soft. Nice to walk.

photo credit: leramulina

Weather and Tides

The beach is not subject to tides. Look after your things, because they can be “dragged” by strong waves. During the rainy season this beach is also full of organic garbage and plastic.


During the rainy season, a lot of garbage is brought to the beach.


Access to the beach is quite simple. From the parking lot you need to go 5 meters down and then walk 200 meters through the local shops with souvenirs.


Many tourists come here just for sunbathing and watching the sunset.

Entrance fee

Parking fee is Rp. 5.000 per bike. Those who do not like to pay usually park on the left side of the hill. But the chance of returning to find a bike with a flat tire is very high. Two sun beds with an umbrella costs Rp.150.000 - 200.000. You also can bring your own sarong to lay on.


There are lifeguards on the beach. While walking from the parking lot to the beach you will see a gallery with local shops selling beachwear and swimsuits. There is a simple restaurant on the beach and a couple of mini stores. Local women offer massages on the beach. There is a restroom and a shower. It is quite difficult to order an online taxi, because of the local taxi drivers. They are very arrogant towards online drivers and do not let them to pick up customers.


Do not leave valuables inside the car or motorbike. Even in the parking lot, thieves actively open cars and scooters and steal everything.


At low tide, you can walk south to Bingin beach.

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