Bingin Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali

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Bingin is primarily a surfer place with ambiance. Great for dining and watching sunsets. Barbecue is often at evenings, as well as the occasional parties.

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At low tide you can go to the spots with picturesque boulders north and south from Bingin.

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The beach is not very suitable for swimming, you can swim only when it is high tide with small waves. At low tide it becomes too shallow.

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The shore is rocky. It is difficult to enter the water because of the reed. Bingin is famous for its surfing, it is a cool and rather complicated surf spot.

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Light beige, large, nice to walk.

Weather and Tides

Subject to tides. At low tide, the water recedes far and leaves a rocky bottom with intricate hollows.

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During the rainy season, sand is very intensively washed from the beach and the beach becomes shorter. But during dry season, the ocean washes the sand back.

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In the rainy season, plastic and driftwood float around.


During the rainy season, plastic is often brought to the beach.


There is a descent to the beach on steep steps along the cliff. The entrance to the beach is not very difficult, but confusing. You need to go down the stairs, which often loop and are not in very good condition. If you are with small children, pick them up in your arms, because the steps are rather rocky and can be uncomfortable for children. There are about 500 steps. Lots of narrow passages, so go one by one.


Many people who live in the guesthouses come surfing here.

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Entrance fee

Payment is only for parking on a cliff by the beach - Rp. 2.000. The road from the parking lot to the beach is quite tricky, but you can follow the signs and ask people for directions.


Lots of different accommodation. Many cafes with ordinary meals, but quite expensive. There are surf boards for rent. 

It's almost the only place on Bukit where hotels and guesthouses are located right on the beach, and you can fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the ocean.

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the beach during the rainy season, photo credit: leramulina


There are lifeguards and they mark a safe place with flags. Sometimes there are snakes in the stones.


At low tide, you can go both to Dreamland and to the other side - to the spot Impossibles and Padang Padang.

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