Padang Padang Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali

photo credit: Aurora Skarra-Gallagher

In fact, the beach is called Labuan Sait, but everyone calls it Padang-Padang, after the name of the area.


A scene from the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" with Julia Roberts was filmed here, so the beach became very famous. After the movie, the number of tourists on this beach has greatly increased.

It is gorgeous during high tide and good weather. Padang-Padang is a world-class surf spot, suitable for any levels. There is a quiet spot further down the right side where you will find cliffs and a forest. On the left side is a picturesque rock hanging over the water. Tourists love to take photos here. “beautiful beach, including the walk down. Usually people travel up and down a single stairway causing a bit of a human traffic jam.”


Swimming here is allowed, but be mindful of the strong rip current in front of the left hand cliff. Waves rarely come all the way to the beach. “small, dirty. Just a bad beach, with lots of rocks sticking out. Strong current to the cliff. Shallow. Aggressive monkeys.”

“I’ve been to Padang lots of times and never seen monkeys. This beach is almost ideal in small swell at high tide. It becomes impossible to swim at low tide, yet you can sneak to the left behind the cliff and there you will find a big cave with bats”.


Light beige, fine.

Weather and tides

Subject to tides.


During the rainy season a lot of garbage is brought to the beach.


The descent to the beach is short and goes through picturesque and narrow passage between boulders.


It is always crowded with tourists, so if you want to escape the crowd, it is best to arrive in the morning on weekdays. “so many Chinese tour buses come to this tiny beach, so do not plan on spending the whole day here”.

Entrance fee

The parking fee is Rp.10.000 at the beach.


There are no sun beds, but there are umbrellas. A few local warungs and souvenir merchants. You can rent a surfboard. Some surf camps are nearby. A big parking lot is across the street. Beers and snacks are sold at the beach.


There are lifeguards who look after swimmers.


There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and hotels at the top of the cliff.

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