Suluban Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali

photo credit: Wojciech Korzeniowski


This place is one of the most popular for watching the sunset because of the well-known surf spot Uluwatu. These spectacular views take the breath away. 

photo credit: leramulina

Most commonly people watch the sunset from the Single Fin bar. If it is too crowded, you can just go to the nearest bar down the cliff and enjoy the view from there as well.

photo credit: leramulina

At low tide you can walk a bit south behind some huge boulders, and you will find yourself at a small and secret beach. 

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If you are at the cave, you can go further north. There is a stony beach with great spots for taking photos.

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Not suitable for swimming because of strong currents and reef bottom. At low tide you can splash in the water.

photo credit: Fitri Yohanto

photo credit: leramulina


Light beige, fine.

Weather and tides 

Heavily subject to tides. 

photo credit: Ahmad Syukaery


During the rainy season a lot of plastic is brought to the beach. 


From the parking lot of Single Fin you can walk down the stairs to the beach. The descent is about 10 minutes, and the stairs are in good shape. The exit to the southern beach can be a little bit frightening for those get nervous about narrow passages. 

photo credit: leramulina


A lot of people gather here right before the sunset. 

Entrance fee

Paid entrance. The payment is accepted at the entrance of a small street, leading to the parking lot and restaurants. 


There a lots of restaurants at the top of the cliff, but the most famous one is Single Fin. Single Fin has a small surf shop. A beach club is located at the cliff, overlooking the ocean. Lots of local stores with souvenirs are located on the way down to the beach.

photo credit: leramulina


No lifeguards.


Single Fin bar and restaurant

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