Nunggalan Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali

photo credit: leramulina


This beach with white sand and turquoise water is definitely one of the most gorgeous beaches in Bali. Come here if you like to explore places and see pristine nature. Along the beach you will see some parts of the wrecked ships, which add some charm to the place.

a part of the ship, photo credit: leramulina 

a part of the ship, photo credit: leramulina 

second ship at Nunggalan, photo credit: leramulina 

The hotel Bubble is located here, it has five capsules. Indeed, this hotel looks surreal, but unfortunately it is not allowed to take any pictures and enter the hotel’s territory. 

Bubble hotel at Nunggalan, photo credit: leramulina 

very eastern spot of Nunggalan, photo credit: leramulina


Big waves come during high tide. People only swim a few meters to the beach, going further can be dangerous. At low tide, the water recedes far and leaves a rocky bottom, so it becomes impossible to swim. During the dry season the water is very transparent and has a magnificent colour. 


Light beige, fine and corse. There are some places, where black sand is mixed with white sand one and presents a marble pattern. The sand is nice to walk on, your feet don’t sink.

photo credit: leramulina

photo credit: Getaroom Australia

Weather and tides

Heavily subject to tides.


There is a lot of litter by the bushes, but it is quite clean at the beach itself. Some of the rubbish is organic, but also plenty of plastic. 

photo credit: leramulina

Cups, plastic bottles, stickers - all these can be found at the beach. It is hard to say whether this rubbish was brought as a result of the ocean storms or because of the rainy season. There are some spots at the beach that look terrible, because of this rubbish. These huge piles of garbage have never been collected here. Sometimes tourist collect some of it a little bit.

photo credit: leramulina


The descent is long and quite hard during the hot day. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get down to the beach. The steps are natural, no concrete here. There are no extreme places that may be slippery or dangerous. 

a path leading to the beach, photo credit: leramulina

Be careful when going down and make sure you wear comfortable shoes. There are few warungs to buy some water on the way down. And also another few warungs at the very end of the descent. At some point the path is divided into two directions and most of the people go to the right. The path is more comfortable that way.

It is very convenient to get to Nunggalan these days. Look for a sign “Nunggalan Beach” and “PLENILUNIO VILLA”. Near the villa you will see a parking lot. From there, follow the sign “To the beach”.


Almost no tourists come here. People are attracted to see these wrecked ships, so most of the photos are from those spots. Plenty of empty space at this beach, at some point you will feel as Robinson Crusoe. Some surfers come here, but the spot is dangerous. Locals come here by the evening, but still, it never gets crowded. Nunggalan is popular among photographs and models. 

Entrance fee

You will have to pay Rp. 2000 for a motorbike and Rp. 5000 for a car at parking. The entrance to the beach is free.


There are two warungs at the beach. One of these warungs offer four umbrellas for rent. 

photo credit: leramulina

No sun beds. People bring their own sarongs to lie in the sun.

A big bottle of water costs Rp. 20.000, a small one - Rp.10.000, a fresh coconut - Rp. 25.000, fried noodles or fried rice - Rp. 35.000. An umbrella will be about Rp. 30.000-50.000.

one of the warungs at Nunggalan, photo credit: leramulina


Dangerous waves and currents. Do not risk swimming here, as there are no lifeguards. 


You can easily get to Nyang-Nyang from Nunggalan during low tide over an exposed rocky spot passable on foot. 

photo credit: leramulina

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