Karma Kandara Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali

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A secluded beach with a lagoon. Karma Beach Bali is part of Karma Kandara’s main food and beverage outlets and entertainment venues, set out as Bali’s most exclusive beach club.


The waves break far from the coast. Comfortable for swimming at high tide. Be aware of some stones at sea floor. Fortunately, the water is crystal clear and calm, so you can see everything well. Great for snorkelling. Lots of various fishes, eels, crabs, and sea urchins.

photo credit: leramulina


Light beige, fine. “A beautiful white sand beach”.

Weather and tides

Heavily subject to tides. 


Even during the rainy season, Karma Kandara is a perfectly clean beach.


There are three ways to get to the beach:

1). If you are a guest of Karma Kandara resort, you can use a cable car for free. 

You can access the beach with a cable car even if you don’t stay at Karma Kandara. Karma Kandara sells day passes for the casual visitor at Rp. 500.000, which includes a cable car ride up and down, plus Rp. 300.000 credit toward food and beverage purchases at the Karma Beach Club. Another option is to pay Rp. 200.000 for a cable car only.

2). A 300-step stairway starts at the parking lot.

3). You can reach Karma Kandara beach by walking 5-10 minutes from Melasti beach. Park your vehicle at Melasti and then walk by the beach. Make sure you walk during low tide. 


Visitors are generally guests of the beach club. Although there are some other visitors, there aren’t many.

Parking fee

Free parking.

Cable car costs 200.000 per person.


You may use the amenities of Karma Beach club if it fits into your budget. Otherwise, the neighboring beach club Sundays is an option.


Fairly safe for swimming.

“Remnants of some construction have been left in the water, which can be seen at low tide, but hide under the surface of the water at high tide. They are on the left side from the lift”. “The lady above is correct, the metal construction in the water looks like this”.


Karma Kandara beach club and Sundays are nearby. 

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