Sawangan Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali

Also known at Nikko Beach, based on the formerly named Hotel Nikko, which is now renamed to Hilton. The beach is next to the Hilton Hotel.


The water here is an astonishing turquoise color. Swimming is good, but be careful of currents so do not swim out too far. Waves are fairly strong. The beach itself is barely affected by the tide.


Light beige, soft

Weather and tides

During big storms water brings seaweed to the beach and the water near the beach, making swimming a bit more difficult. Swimming is possible all the tide, as the water is deep enough.


Seaweed is not cleaned from the beach after a storm. If there has not been a storm, the shore is clean.


The beach is generally quiet. 


To the left of the public entrance is a booth.The road is under construction right now. Parking is free and usually pretty empty.


There is a very simple warung and sun beds. There is a toilet. Masseuses are usually working. Do not leave valuables in your motorbike!


Near the hotel Hilton. “I left my bike at the upper parking lot, came back, and one helmet was missing”

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