Geger Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali

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It is a lovely, relaxed beach with blue water. Waves are quite small, which makes it comfortable to swim with children. Smooth entrance into the water.

Russian tourists call it "children's beach”. No strong currents. Slightly stony bottom in some places. Almost no seaweed in the water during the dry season. 


Light beige, fine and soft

Weather and Tides

During big storms water brings seaweed to the beach, making swimming a bit more difficult. Heavily subject to tides. To have a great day at the beach we recommend to come during high tide. You can catch some sea urchins at low tide.

The best time to visit Geger beach is during the rainy season, which is from December to March. In the dry season, the winds change and big waves hit the east coast.


Occasional seaweed; rarely cleaned. 


This beach is crowded and popular with Russian tourists. Locals and guests from hotels nearby come here often.

Entrance fee

Parking fee is 15.000 Rp./ a person, 2000 Rp./ a motorbike, 5.000 Rp./ a car. Two sun beds and an umbrella - 100.000 Rp.


There are sun beds, showers, restrooms, changing stalls, restaurants, and water activities. Four warungs with local food. Local ladies offer massage services. A large parking lot.


To the south of the beach is the one of the most luxurious hotels in Bali - Mulia Resort. Just behind Geger Beach to the south is one of the smartest hotels in Bali Mulia Resort. You can walk along the coast to reach other beaches of Nusa Dua.

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