Mengiat Beach - Bukit Peninsula in Bali


Perfect beach for family as you could swim in the water and there is only few rocks within the water. White sand and turquoise clean water.


Light beige, fine and soft

Weather and Tides

During big storms water brings seaweed to the beach, making swimming a bit more difficult. The sea floor is mostly sandy.

Swimming is possible all the tide, as the water is deep enough. When the water is too shallow, we recommend the spot right in front of Ayodya Resort.


Seaweed is not cleaned from the beach after a storm. If there has not been a storm, the shore is clean.


This beach is crowded and popular with Russian tourists. Locals and guests from hotels nearby come here often.

Entrance fee

The beach has an entrance fee of 2000 Rp for motorbike parking


There are sun beds, showers, restrooms, changing stalls, restaurants, and water activities. Four warungs with local food. Local ladies offer massage services. A large parking lot.


Located between two resorts - Ayodya and Inaya Putri Bali.

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