Kuta Beach - West of Bali


It is known for its long sandy beach and great waves for surfing. 

Kuta beach is great for walking in the mornings and evenings. Great beginner surf spot. Here is no reef, sandy bottom, medium-size waves. The sunset is amazing, especially during the rainy season.


Not ideal for swimming. Strong currents. Water is not transparent. 


Dark beige, soft

Weather and Tides 

Subject to tides, but it does not affect swimming.


Beached garbage is an annual problem for Kuta. From early December to late March, strong wind and powerful currents send waves of garbage from the ocean onto the beach.


Very easy access. The road that runs down to Kuta Beach from Jl. Legian and then parallel to the beach itself is called Jl. Pantai Kuta (Kuta Beach Street).


In the day it's way too crowded and there are too many pushy vendors. Many locals come here for the sunset and sometimes you can’t sit down and relax without continually being approached by someone. Street vendors, beach boys, even beggars can ruin your day. It is almost impossible to enjoy the sunset alone. That is why many visitors to Kuta beach are often left disappointed. 

Entrance fee

The beach has an entrance fee of 2000 Rp for motorbike parking. Surfboard rental - 50.000 Rp/ a day. Shower, restroom - 3000 Rp. 


Kuta has plenty of surf schools and board rentals. Kuta’s beach has everything for tourists - sun beds, massage services, snacks, etc. Lots of space for motorbike parking. Pizza Hut and Hard Rock Cafe are located right in front of the beach. 


Kuta is known for being a bit of a jungle in the line up as when bigger waves start rolling in, many learners are likely to abandon their boards to dive under oncoming waves. Swim or surf at places patrolled by lifeguards. The safest place is always between the red and yellow flags. Rip currents are occasional, keep that in mind and do not swim too far away. 

Do not leave your belongings unattended if you’d like to swim. A bit risky, but you can ask locals to watch your stuff while you are in the water. Anyways, no one is responsible for lost items.


Hotels, huge selections of bars, restaurants and cafes are jotted all over town, many of which are within walking distance to Kuta Beach. One of the biggest shopping malls in Bali, Beachwalk Shopping Center is located in the heart of Kuta.

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