Batu bolong beach - West of Bali


The sand is volcanic black, same as in Berawa. Batu Bolong also a nice place to rest and watch the surfers. In the past year Batu Bolong has became a super trendy place with many young European hanging out in the evening. There is a big Balinese temple at the beach, where locals often hold ceremonies. At sunset time local bands play live music. 


Not ideal for swimming, especially during big swell. The best spot for swimming is 100-200 meters away from the entrance, towards Echo Beach. Mostly, Indonesians like splashing in the water. 


The sand is even darker here. Wash properly you swimsuits after visiting the beach, as the sand gets stuck inside the fabrics. 

Weather and tides

Heavily subject to tides.


During the rainy season, a lot of garbage is brought to the beach, which is very rarely cleaned.


Mostly young tourists. They come for surfing and parties. Families with children come for sunbathing. Locals come by the sunset. 

Some street dogs, but they are friendly. 

Entrance fee

There is a big parking lot. Motorbike parking is 2000 Rp.


You can rent sun beds, umbrellas, surf boards, buy snacks, have a meal in one of the numerous cafes. This area has grown dramatically over the past couple of years. It is getting more and more touristy by the day. 

Normally the price for a sun bed is 50.000 Rp for a day. Surf board - 50.000 Rp. for 2 hours. You can leave you belongings at the rental place. You can take a shower at Old Man’s bar. 


The beach is quite safe, but be aware of big storms and rough waves. 


Old Man’s bar is right at the beach. Big parties are held on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

There are plenty of great surf spots around here for all kind of levels. 

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