The holy spring of Sebatu

There is a hidden place from the eyes of tourists in the village of Sebatu, deep in the jungle in the valley of the river.

It is a sacred spring, which is of great importance for the Balinese people. If your mind is going crazy from bad thoughts, negative emotions are overwhelming your soul, and physical ailments do not allow you to live in peace or you have recently sinned a lot - this is a place for you.

Sebatu falls has been sacred to the locals for several centuries, as it cleans from evil deeds and gives new energy for achievements. Water is a symbol of strength and purification, a guide between people and gods, a carrier of energy and information, a mute witness to human history.

Balinese people especially honor this place during religious holidays and the full moon. Whole families come here for help, cleansing and energy, bringing offerings with them. Some people can stand for hours in a spring in icy water, perhaps so much they need healing and forgiveness of higher powers. Children can bathe in the spring only after at least one milk tooth has fallen out.

To get to the spring you have to overcome a steep descent with many steps. The first place for offering and washing face, hands and feet. Further downhill along the extraordinary beauty of the cliffs with carved images, the life-giving water descends several streams along the stone wall. This water can be tasted and its unusual sweet taste can be felt. The next -place to pray. To the sound of a bell, a dozen people stay alone with themselves and God for a few minutes. Going down below, you can hear the rumble of water from the sacred spring. There are three streams of water descending on rocks. In order to get there, you need to follow the people, one by one, put the offering again and stand in turn under the streams, first face and then back.

About offerings:

Offerings are sold at the parking lot and each person should take one. Tourists can go down further and leave it there. The place has a locker room, where you change into a sarong. Enter the altar there, ask and make a wish in your mind, put an offering right there.

Go to the holy spring strictly in a queue, then in turn to each stream: at first front, then turn back (you will see how locals do it).

After this ceremony, past the locker rooms on the left side of the stairs, passing a small warung. There you are - completely happy!

A sarong, offerings and your requests - bring nothing else!

Children enter from the age of 7.

How to get to Sebatu:

Drive through Sebatu village, Tampaksiring

Sebatu, Tampaksiring

For reference - Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple

GPS coordinates: -8.399938, 115.295646.