Pura Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple is one of the main Hindu temples in Bali. It was founded in 962 A.D. during the reign of the Varmadev dynasty. It is located near Ubud in the village of Tampaksiring.

The name "Tirta Empul" signifies a crystal clear stream which is used as the holy water for various religious ceremony.

photo credit: Cymonspace

Every spring the lake next to the temple is filled with holy bubbling water. There is a legend that Indra himself created this spring to revive his warriors to fight against Mayadanawa. For more than a thousand years people from all over the island have been coming here to bathe in this holy spring. There is a belief that those who bathed in the waters of this spring find health, strength and happiness. 12 streams bring various blessings to people - luck, health, happiness, love, strong family, etc. 

photo credit: Finnur Malmquist

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photo credit: Prasit Chansareekorn

There are special baths in this temple, where all believers and tourists can bathe and cleanse. 

It is also possible to take holy water home in bottles. Next to the temple you will see a villa, where Indonesian President Sukarno spent some time. It was built in 1989. Now this house is used to receive the most important guests of the island.

If you dare to swim, do it after visiting the temple itself. Wet visitors are not allowed into the temple.

The entrance fee is Rp. 15.000, for children Rp. 7500 . Along with the ticket visitors are given sarong and a belt.

The best time for visiting is in the early morning. Bring extra clothes if you want to bathe in the springs. Women would need closed clothes: a T-shirt or a shirt with closed shoulders and a sarong or a skirt. The water is cold! But after bathing, you will have a very pleasant feeling of peace and humility.

Important! Ask someone about the streams and where to bathe. Some of the streams are designed for ablution for death people.