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Beaches on Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno, Air)

Section: Bali / Attractions.

east Trawangan beach north of the port; photo: Villa Almarik

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Obtaining and extending a social visa to Indonesia

Section: Bali / Visas.

*  This information is relevant for 2019

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Surprises of the difficult Balinese calendar

Section: Bali / Culture.

When we travel, it’s great to see how familiar things can become absolutely unusual. We understand that obsequial rites, ways of fasting, initiation into adulthood, and rules of marriage can be completely different. The kind that would be hard for us to imagine before we face them.

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10 best active entertainments in Bali!

Section: Bali / Activity .

You can come to Bali and spend your entire vacation on the beach, or you can spend this time much more interestingly! Here's a list of the most interesting activities in Bali!

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Bali Security Advices for Tourists and Expats

For many people Bali is a small tropical paradise island in the ocean, with only beaches with azure water, surfing and interesting excursions. In fact, Bali is a very large island (80 x 150 km) with 4 million people living here and another 10 million annually coming as tourists! Tourism means money, so at some point the island began to attract criminals from all over Indonesia. Also, the Balinese themselves sometimes lose their mind and turn to crime.

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Currency fraud. Top ten most common scams and how to avoid getting hoodwinked.

Section: Bali / Security.

Many of us relax in the gentle tropical climate, admiring the natural beauty of Bali.  How can anything go wrong? Don't forget that Bali is not in the seventh heaven, but still on planet Earth. This beautiful island that can provide many pleasant moments, but don't forget to be cautious about security and especially financial security.

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Visa extension (VOA, visa on arrival)

Information is up to date as of May 2019!

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What to do if you get fined?

Recently, on-the-spot fines in Bali have increased. Imagine the situation - you have been pulled over for improper driving, given out a ticket, and your motorcycle documents and your license have been taken away. So... what do you do next?

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A new motorbike drivers handbook

First of all, this article is intended for very beginner drivers who are just taking their first steps:

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Balinese tricks: How to avoid being scammed

Section: Bali / Culture.

Visitors to Bali are split between those who believe that the island miraculously fulfils desires and those who don't quite buy this theory. Once in Bali, many people realize that they must be careful with their requests from the universe. 

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Safety Rules for swimming in the ocean

Section: Bali / Activity .
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Many people think that big waves are most dangerous thing in the ocean for swimmers. But they are not. When a big wave crashes, there is a strong white foam that will push you to the shore. Simply speaking, the waves themselves will not let you get close to them, and will constantly push you ashore. This might involve some tumbling, sand dragging, and other fun stuff, but ultimately you will be ok.

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Arak production - where and how

Section: Bali / Food.

Moonshine is translated from English not only as "Moonlight", but also as "distill". Symbolic and inexplicable. Traditional arak is a harsh palm vodka, which is produced in the old way, by hand and with the help of primitive ancient technologies.

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Secrets of Balinese Coffee - Introduction

Section: Bali / Food.

photo: de bali cosmetics

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Fruits in Bali

Section: Bali / Food.
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You can buy fruits in Bali all year round; however, each fruit has its own "season". During its season, the fruit is especially juicy and the price is the lowest. Not all fruits you will find grow in Bali. Some come from other islands or countries, but for tourists it does not make any difference.

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Balinese cuisine: must-try dishes

Section: Bali / Food.

Bali is an island in an Asian country, so it is no surprise that Balinese cuisine has lot of spices. If you have never experienced asian food before, then be careful while trying Balinese cuisine for the first time. Some dishes can be really spicy, however, not all the dishes are this way. 

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The philosophy of Balinese offerings - or the essence of a beautiful purpose

Section: Bali / Culture.

All tourists who visited Bali sooner or later noticed small baskets of flowers, which Balinese carefully put at the doorsteps of houses or on a holy place in the house. They set fire to an aromatic stick and make enchanting gestures with their hands as if directing the smoke and fragrance of flowers to the sky.

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10 cultural shocks in Bali that you need to be prepared for

Section: Bali / Culture.

When you come to another country with other traditions and cultures, you inevitably face things that can shock you. At such moments you should not be upset or worried, you just have to be prepared for other people living differently. Here is a short list of things that can shock you in Bali. Don't be afraid, just be prepared for them

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How to behave in a Balinese temple

Section: Bali / Culture.

Ceremony in a Balinese temple; photo: leramulina

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The Pandan Battle

Section: Bali / Culture.

photo credit: Masbrooo Magazine